Anna Senno

Born in the south of Sweden 1983. Lives and works in Paris.

Anna Senno is a self-taught painter and filmmaker. Her work explores the notion of multiplicity within the construction of identities through performance, painting, film, photography and writing. She dedicated her studies to semantics and conceptual language and holds a Master of Arts from Lund University, Sweden. 

In her painting, Senno builds pieces to paradigms between systematised sensuality and female empowerment. Herein, she transforms the object into subject and vice versa through abstracted yet figurative schemes. Her work refers back to a proposition of [emotional] subjectivity as an extension to traditional existentialist structures, concerns she explored in her academic studies. In this process she goes from placing protagonist characters to revealing bodies and shapes as decisive environmental components.

She also runs UNDENI – a culture association and storytelling studio based between Paris and Stockholm together with spatial designer Rebecca Ahlstedt.

Her early works were made, with the support from the EU, around the construction of European identities and has conducted capacity trainings in mainly Bosnia-Herzegovina for the Council of Europe. She has also been guest teaching at e.g. the Stockholm University of the Arts, Dramatic Academy. Her various work have been shown in e.g. ARTE, Palais de Tokyo, Institut suedois (Paris), Oeksnehallen (Copenhagen), Malmo Museum and Serra dei Gardini - Venice Biennale of Architecture 2018.
UpcomingJuxtaposing Craft, a juxtaposition between handmade craft in the Nordic and Japanese regions, in collaboration with spatial designer Rebecca Ahlstedt and architect Tsuyoshi Tane, launches in September at the East Asian Museum and Svensk Form in Stockholm ; The Moment of Freedom  – a poetic prototype of documentary VR in a collage technique inspired by Hannah Hoch on the incomparable moment when Holocaust and World War II survivors take their first steps in freedom. The experience is the next chapter in the stories from Magnus Gertten’s award-winning documentary films “Harbor of Hope” and “Every Face has a Name”, premiers at the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival (Malmo) in September.