Entre Piel y Aire
Short film - release 2019

By Alana Burns and Anna Senno

When does reality become real?

Is it the shared experience that gives us the ground to construct our world? What happens when the shared ground is not a shared experience - which realities do we create?

Are our emotions in the dreams less real?

If our consciousness is shaped from language and language shaped from conscious thoughts. Where does it all start, or end?

No time, no void, physical limits, mental unlimited.

We draw a line to erase

Somewhere between the skin and the air - can we truly believe in these walls?


Entre Piel y Aire is a constructed improvisation. A meeting between two women, two bodies and several languages. We give our meenings to the space we share and to dreams of a border so wide it can carry us all.

The short is shot through one single frame, with a narration disrupted by the introduction of analogue stills and found historical archives relating to borders. These disruptions create a temporal questioning. This certain immobility reflects the stagnant situation that occurs when building walls and borders.