Juxtaposing Craft:
The Color Kitchen – A performance

The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
September 15th

A performance work with Rebecca Ahlstedt, 1+1+1 and Aoki Masaaki from Tezomeya for UNDENI with ATTA

A participative performance with natural dye and an exploration on color.

In the colour kitchen we relate to the traditions and meanings that colour on different materials have had in design and crafts since ancient times. In a manifestation of dyeing, we depart from the forest as resource to renewable raw materials. The performance is a symbolic manifestation to the unsustainable and harmful processes within the dye industries.

Juxtaposing Craft:
The Color Kitchen – A conversation

Svensk Form
September 18th

An open talk/seminar with Aoki Masaaki, Rebecca Ahlstedt, Anna Senno and 1+1+1 

A conversation about time through colour and its meanings. We unravel some of the stories behind Japanese and Swedish craft objects, their mythologies and meanings in relation to colour. What role does colour play in contemporary craft? How does time and place interact with these meanings and functions? Can colour be associated to an idea of time and place in crafts?

We discuss the contingency of location i.e. access to material and colour schemes, how similarities in nature gave and give ground to similarities in techniques. Through the discussion of time in crafts we want to find clues to what the craft of the future could look like, what its functions to society can be and thus on what grounds future collections will be made.


The Moment of Freedom Experience

A Poetic Prototype of Documentary Virtual Reality

Experience the incomparable moment when Holocaust and World War II survivors take their first steps in freedom. The Moment of Freedom Experience has collected the captivating faces and stories from the survivors with a collage technique, partly inspired by the legendary artist Hannah Hoch.

The VR experience is part of a planned interactive exhibition created by Anna Senno. The experience is the next chapter in the stories from Magnus Gertten’s documentary films “Harbor of Hope” and “Every Face has a Name”.

The prototype is produced by Auto Images and supported by Film i Skåne. The work is presented in collaboration with BoosthHbg and members from the team will be present to explain the development process and plans for the exhibition.

Place: Biograf Spegeln

Day: Saturday 22 September and Sunday 23 September

Time: 13:00 to 18:00


Entre Piel y Aire
A short film

With Alana Burns and Anna Senno

When does reality become real?
Is it the shared experience that gives us the ground to construct our world?
What happens when the shared ground is not a shared experience - which realities do we create?

Are our emotions in the dreams less real?

If our consciousness is shaped from language and language shaped from conscious thoughts. Where does it all start, or end?

No time, no void,
physical limits, mental unlimited.

We draw a line
to erase

Somewhere between skin and air
can we truly believe in these walls?