The Moment of Freedom
An exhibition 

By Magnus Gertten and Anna Senno
Produced by Ove Rishoj Jensen for Auto Images

The Moment of Freedom is built around one precise moment in time and place: the incomparable moment when war survivors take their first steps in freedom. The captivating faces seen in the footage will in this VR-production be connected to a name and a story. This immersive story telling approach is focusing on empathetic forms of recognition with other humans. The result is a close personal encounter with war survivors.

The project exists in two different versions, being a standalone VR production and a museum exhibition combining the VR with an large screen installation.

Creative leads for the project are Anna Senno and Magnus Gertten. The project is produced by Ove Rishoj Jensen for Auto Images with support from Boost HBG and Film i Skåne.

The very first prototype of The Moment of Freedom was shown at the film festival Nordisk Panorama.