Anna Senno
(b. 1983) 

Anna Senno is a visual artist who creates investigatory work that intertwines a highly intimate and self-exposing dimension with the universal, always in quest of the just definition –whether a word, object or emotion. She casts herself in varying roles as painter, filmmaker, photographer, writer, designer and curator.

– “I do not have a fixed medium for my work. There are ideas and to these I use words, a camera, sometimes a machine or a space. It can turn into a film, a publication, an exhibition, a piece of furniture, or nothing at all, it stays an idea until it goes away. Then there are intuitions of the instinct and to these my hand paints, draws or shapes.

Anna’s interest in the stories that reside in the junction between the poetic forms and the intellectual thought comes from her conviction in the transformative function of beauty.

In 2021, she began restoring a medieval stone house in the south-west of France. It is here, as she installs her new studio that she has also begun to speak the language of wood through the teaching hands and soul of carpentry master Michel Cayre. 

Anna Senno has been a guest teacher at the Stockholm University of the Arts, Dramatic Academy, Sweden; Oberlin Art College, Ohio, USA; Science Po, Paris, France; University of Caen Normandie, France; The School of Political Studies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo on behalf of the Council of Europe.

Anna Senno lives and works between France and Mexico. She was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. 


Her work has been exhibited in:

Kin Museum of Contemporary Art (2024), Kiruna, Sweden

National Museums of World Culture - The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (2022-2023), Stockholm, Sweden

Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft (2019), Gothenburg, Sweden

Institut suédois (2018), Paris, France  

Serra dei Gardini - Venice Biennale of Architecture (2018), Venice, Italy

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival (2018) Malmö, Sweden

The BogArt (2018), New York, USA

National Museums of World Culture (2018), Stockholm, Sweden

Svensk Form (2018), Stockholm, Sweden

Øksnehallen (2017), Copenhagen, Denmark

Malmö Museum (2016), Malmö, Sweden

Palais de Tokyo (2015), Paris, France

Her early documentary works have been broadcasted on ARTE, France and RTBF / VRT, Belgium (2010-2012).


Photography by Marie Taillefer