Awkward Moments

This is a series of artistic collaborations with sound as starting point. Initiated by composer and sound artist Mimi Xu, the essence of the work is to use the immediacy, interaction and connectedness of live performances to create an ephemeral “meeting playground” for artists from diverse disciplines. Each episode of the series is framed by six chapters, illustrating one life cycle. The chapters follow a beat per minute loosely based on the human heart rate and defined by a cyclical music key structure.


Awkward Moments – series ii

By Mimi Xu, Carlotta Guerrero, Marta Armengol and Anna Senno


Awkward Moments – series iii

By Mimi Xu, Anna Senno and twelve student artists from Oberlin College and Conservatory: 
Natty Baker Salisbury, Tory Eichler, Dante Giramma, Gabriel Hawes, Mobey Irizarry Lambright, Griffin Jennings, Margaret McCarthy, Lena Rich, Tian Yoon Teh, MicaelaPirzio Biroli, Georgiana Johnson, Owen Ellerkamp.
The students were directed by Peter V. Swendsen