The Color of Emotion
A Performance PieceĀ 

By Olga de la Iglesia and Anna Senno

The Color of Emotion works with different communities and audiences around the world as an open invitation to partake in an emotional sharing of one self.

By using six specific emotions; Joy, Sadness, Anger, Acceptance, Disgust and Fear, the participants are asked to paint themselves using color. The emotions are each represented by one color. To every location the colors are locally sourced and selected through an investigation of their cultural meanings and associations.

Through the performance, the artists explore how they and the participants understand their emotional identity, using color as medium.

The performance pieces are documented in photo and video and link the testimonies of people around the world to a wider understanding of our emotional systems and (constructed) identities. This documentation will later be presented through a photographic catalogue and film.

One of the underlying aims of the project is to explore the connectedness of people around the world - in relation to the complexity of our constructed barriers, fears and prejudice.


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